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Pet Sitting Service

Our standard Pet Sitting visits are 50-60 minutes long and are customized to your pet's needs. Our full service pet sit also includes retrieval of your mail, newspaper and packages, so you don't have to stop your service and run to the post office when you return home; rotation of lights and draperies to give your home a "lived in" look while you are away; and we will even water a few house plants for you. Our standard Pet Sitting Service is used on an "as needed" basis, providing visits to your pets while you are away from home (business or pleasure), out on the town for the evening, or just get stuck working late! Once you are a client of Happy Paws Pet Sitting Service, you can simply call us whenever you need a sitter, for any occasion, and arrangements will be made to accommodate your needs. We request 24 hours notice, but will do our very best to provide a sitter for your pets, even on short notice.

Paws Express

We also offer a service called Paws Express, which is a "stop and go" visit, in which time we can refresh your pet's food & water, let dogs out in your fenced-in yard, or scoop a cat's litter box, give them a few pets and jot you a quick note before we leave. As our Paws Express service does not allow us much time for love and attention, we do not recommend strictly using Paws Express for an extended period of time, as pets get lonely and begin to miss their "parents" after a few days. Paws Express service is only offered for dogs (combined with the longer, Standard visits) if there is a fenced in yard for them to be let out in; there is not enough time during an Express visit to physically take dogs for a walk.

Paws Express PLUS

In addition, we have a service called Paws Express PLUS, which is a 30 minute visit (considered the 'happy medium), offering you all the additional services of the Standard Pet Sit, except watering plants (with less time at your home, we want to dedicate all of our attention to your pets). This service can be provided for up to 3 pets, and can be used for walking up to 2 dogs on leash, if they are trained to walk well together.

Happy Paws Club (HPC)

We also offer a daily service, Monday through Friday, called the Happy Paws Club (HPC), which provides mid-day visits to your dog(s) while you are at work. Veterinary research indicates that your pets should not "hold it" all day, while their owners are at work; just as physicians would recommend that people do not wait. It is just as detrimental to your dog's internal organs, as it is to yours, to not relieve themselves when necessary. During these daily visits, your dog will be walked or let out to conduct their "business", be fed their meals if you request, be given fresh water, exercised, played with, or just given love and attention in the case of some older dogs. Whatever your dog's special needs are, they will be met each and every day with our Happy Paws Club (HPC) service. To join the HPC, simply contact our office and we will send a sitter to your home to get you signed-up. You will receive 3-5 visits per week, and service will be provided on a monthly basis. Your service will automatically continue on a month-to-month basis, until such time that you contact the office to cancel your service. The club is a convenient service for dogs both young and old. Puppies sometimes need to be walked or let out more than once a day while their owners are at work, so our club provides up to 2 visits per day.

House Sitting Service

Our House Sitting Service provides care for your pets along with added protection for your home. Your sitter will visit your home 3 times per day (approximate times are 8:00 a.m., 3:00 p.m., and 9:00 p.m.) and stay overnight on their last visit of each day. This service does not provide 24-hour coverage, however, it is far superior to the care provided at many local kennels. Your pets are receiving one-on-one attention, and you get the bonus of having the "lived-in" look at your home, with the presence of someone at home, a car in the driveway and the lights/television on.

Bed & Breakfast Service

Our Bed & Breakfast Service offers the same level of care for your pets as the House Sitting service, however, the pets are hosted at our sitter's home as opposed to in your own home. This service is not recommended for pets who experience separation anxiety when owners are away. A pet who suffers from separation anxiety is much better left in their own home where they are familiar with their surroundings. In some cases, however, pets enjoy a change of scenery and consider it a "treat" to go for a ride and stay somewhere away from home. This service does not provide 24-hour coverage, because our sitters will sometimes have to leave home to attend to other pet sits, however, they will have companionship for several hours per day and overnight.

Home Security

Don't have a pet, or taking your pet(s) with you when you travel, but you're concerned about the security of your home? Don't worry! We will drop by your home for a 15 minute visit to check that all windows and doors are locked and that nothing has been disrupted. We will rotate your lights and draperies, move vehicles in/out of your driveway/garage, and bring in any mail, newspapers and packages that have arrived, to provide a "lived in" look for your home and deter burglars. You may schedule a Home Security visit for every day that you are away, or just have us come by once every few days to check on things; the frequency of the visits is up to you.

Pet Transportation

This service provides transportation of your pet(s) to or from your home, the Veterinarian, groomer, kennel, airport, etc. Dogs are transported as passengers and permitted to have run of the vehicle, unless you provide a cage or seatbelt system to restrain them. For cats and other smaller pets, you must provide the carrier for them to be transported in. Fees for this service are based on hourly rates in combination with roundtrip mileage, and exact pick-up and drop-off addresses must be provided in order to receive an online price quote.