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Please feel free to submit your personal comments about the service you have received from our office staff, owners and sitters.

By far THE BEST pet sitting service we have EVER used!!!! Mary and Rona were MAGNIFICANT! I feel like we have new family members now! They cared for all of our fur-babies and we couldn't be more delighted with them! They kept us informed of everything, even things I would have never thought of! The pictures we received daily were so fun! I will not use anyone else but them again!

Kelly Baber

Happy Paws has been taking care of our two cats for over 6 years now. My wife and I travel quite a bit so we have our sitter come in once a day when we're gone. We're so happy with the services and knowing that our companions are well cared for. Happy Paws is the best!

Ken Murray
Montgomery Village

Happy Paws has been taking care of Maggie for three years now, and I've been thrilled by the quality of service she has received. All of the sitters have been courteous and professional, and her noon walk is obviously a highlight of Maggie's day. Having the customer portal has been wonderful for easily scheduling services and receiving feedback in real time.

Jason Feuerstein

I have been using Happy Paws for several months now. I am thoroughly satisfied with the service. The sitters are friendly and courteous and are great with my senior dogs. They communicate with me daily about their visit and frequently send me pics of the pups. Mary is very understanding about scheduling and always communicates with me about my invoice. I would recommend Happy Paws to anyone and everyone!

Stacy Smith

Happy Paws has been so helpful. We spent quite a bit of time searching for a good service to take care of our (then) puppy, but there were many challenges with finding good and reliable help. Our dog (2 years now) loves his visits and gets really excited when the sitters arrive. This gives me great peace of mind! With the launch of the self-portal, it's made communicating with the Happy Paws team so much easier. While email is still welcome to communicate changes, the portal allows me to easily update our visits, based on our changing schedule. We love Happy Paws!

Lori B.

Happy Paws have been taking care of our kitties for over a decade! And our current furbabies, Chester and Lila, just LOVE when Auntie Rhona comes to visit them.

We never worry when travelling (for up to 3 weeks) because we know our "kids" will be taken care of with love and great care.

The new web-based feedback is great - we know every day what's going on, even if we are half a world away.

THANKS Happy Paws! =^^= =^^+

Polly Sager

We contacted Mary at Happy Paws after a series of sitters who had unreliable service or a difficult time handling our two boy kitties who are very rambunctious, silly, and oftentimes trouble makers. Mary put us in touch with Sarah who has been absolutely amazing with our fur babies. Sarah has watched our cats while out of the country for weeks at a time, and also when we're gone for a quick weekend away. What's amazing about Mary and Sarah is that they always put in an extra effort to make themselves available at a last-minute's notice, even on busy holiday weekends. Sarah never forgets to send us daily updates, which always includes adorable photos of our two boys. It's nice to see how they absolutely adore Sarah, especially our older cat who usually becomes extremely stressed when we are out of town and has had a difficult time with strangers -- but not with Sarah. She knows exactly how to handle our older cat's moods and our younger cat's trouble-making antics. And Mary is great at keeping the entire machine running reliably. We are so glad we to have found Happy Paws!

Tara Rabin

We have been using Happy Paws for several years and Mary and her team are fantastic! Over the years we have met many of the sitters and all have taken excellent care for our fur babies. On many occasions, I have seen our dogs waiting patiently for the pet sitter to open the front door. When your pets are as excited to see their sitter as they are to see you, you know they're being well cared for.

Additionally, scheduling service is easy with the new portal. You log in, enter visit date and time plus any special instructions, click submit and you're good to go! Shortly after each visit, I get an email from the pet sitter telling me about all the fun and silliness that took place on their walk (i.e., rolling in the grass, seeing deer, chasing leaves, eating snow, etc.).

If you're looking for an outstanding team to take care of your pets, I highly recommend Happy Paws.

Darice Riviello

Happy Paws has been a life saver for us. We rescued two dogs 6 years ago and didn't want them home alone all day. It gives me peace of mind to know my babies have company during the day. They have also been great when we're on vacation. It's comforting to know our dogs get to stay st home with people they know and trust. And our house isn't empty while we're away. Happy Paws is also flexible in working with our schedules. We love them!

Margaret Holland
Montgomery Village

Mary is very conscientious in the way she runs Happy Paws and we've been very happy with the service. The service portal is easy to use and very convenient, and we really enjoy seeing pictures from daily visits in real time!

Wendy M

I'm so happy with Happy Paws and the amazing care our sitter Sarah recently provided for my two cats, one of which requires several medications to be administered daily--no easy feat considering my cat's standoffishness around strangers. Sarah took the time and effort in getting to know and befriend my girls, and I came home to happy, relaxed cats. Even my fearful cat ventured out for some treats and pets from Sarah while I was away. Mary was also wonderful--providing great peace of mind while arranging services for a brand new client under rushed/difficult circumstances due to a family emergency. Happy Paws was willing to work with me, which I'm so grateful for, and I look forward to the next time Sarah gets to look over my girls.

Lisa M.

We have been using Happy Paws pet sitting for several years and are always thrilled with the service. Our latest pet sitter, Sarah, is exceptional - she always goes the extra mile. Most importantly, our dog loves the time he spends with her. (I think he misses her a bit when we return home from a trip.) She also makes time to give our bearded dragon a little extra attention. It is obvious that Sarah takes pride in her job and pays attention to the little details. Her reports are detailed, and all of the mail and packages are collected neatly. As a bonus, she sweeps up and takes out the trash, so the house looks great when we return. Just overall great service! We will definitely be calling Happy Paws and Sarah again.

Sherri Boyd

I have used Happy Paws on my last 3 trips for my dog, both daily waking and the in-house service. Very pleased with the service and would highly recommend them. The last 2 visits were by Elizabeth, who I would also highly recommend. She is a very competent young lady. She is conscientious about her duties. I have already lined her up for my next trip.

Michael Mack
N Potomac

My wife and I are overjoyed by the dog walking service we receive from Happy Paws. We think a lot of that has to do with Rosa, for the care and attention she gives our little princess Lola. I would not hesitate to recommend Rosa to anyone considering a dog walker through this service.

Scott Noble

We joined Happy Paws after it was referred to us and we are glad we did! You can tell Happy Paws takes care to handle every detail of their job perfectly. The intake visit was thorough and I feel comfortable leaving our dog in their care while we go away. Rosa is our sitter and she is great! She keeps us updated on how our dog is doing when we are away and spends time to play with her on her visits. She is always on time. We couldn't ask for a better sitter!

Abby Pease

Happy Paws is the greatest! We are now in our third year of receiving their superlative pet sitting services and cannot say enough about how good they are. Although we were not in their 'standard' service area, Mary bent over backwards from the beginning and found a sitter willing to travel the extra miles to take care of our two lilac point Siamese sisters, Nori and Noona. Michelle came the first time and we were so pleased with the outstanding job she did for the week. Although Michelle moved on from Happy Paws shortly thereafter, wonderful Victoria is now our regular sitter. She is terrific and does everything she can to keep the kitties happy and to keep us informed with text updates and pictures. Most recently we were gone for Thanksgiving week and Victoria graciously gave up time with her family during the week to drive down and visit with the kitties. Mary has a great team and we highly recommend Happy Paws to anyone who is looking for the best in pet sitting serv ices.

Bill Woodward

Testimonial: We have been using Happy Paws dog walking service for a few months now and Elizabeth is our walker. She is a great person and leaves us daily notes, and even sends us pictures of the dogs.

Jeffrey Ragusa
Montgomery Village

We were very happy with the pet sitting services that Krissi provided for us over the holidays. Having just moved to the area, we were a little nervous about using a pet sitting service, but Krissi put us at ease from the first visit. When we returned home, we found our dog, cat and bearded dragon happy and well taken care of. Her reports from each visit were very thorough, and it is obvious that she loves caring for animals. We will definitely use Happy Paws and Krissi again in the future!

Sherri Boyd

I am extremely pleased with Happy Paws! We have three cats, and our rambunctious little one terrorizes the other two a bit and eats their food, so we need to keep them separated when we are gone. Victoria has been our sitter for the past two trips we've taken, and she worked with our situation to keep the cats separated and everyone happy. It was so convenient that we didn't have to cancel our mail, and Victoria left detailed little notes about the cats on each visit. It's great working with someone who loves pets as much as we do, and we felt confident that our kitties were in good hands. We are so glad we found this service! I would highly recommend to anyone.

Kia Jackson

Eddie (and recently Maya) has been a member of the Happy Paws Club for several years and I couldn't be happier with the quality of the visits and the company's management. I've been home once or twice when the dog walker has visited and love how they all interact. I've also used HP for home check visits while I'm out of town to make sure I come home to living plants. I'd give them an A+ across the board.

Sherryl V.

I have used Happy Paws in three different apartments in the local area and have had a great experience with each pet sitter for the area. Recently, I was thrilled at how my cats were taken care of during Thanksgiving. I recently adopted these two and was worried about the first time without us being there for a 5 day period. However, Happy Paws worked with me and found the best solutions to keep my babies happy and make sure that access to my apartment was available (electronic fobs in use). They always think of everything and in case of emergency, are quick to call or text me and let me know what happens. I came home to happy cats and an apartment that looked like I never left (aside from some kitty paw prints on my stove ;) ) I highly recommend Mary and her wonderful pet sitters. Everyone I have had is wonderful and loving. I used Paul this Thanksgiving and he loved my cats like they were his own and left detailed notes about his visits and let us know if anything was abnormal and how they behaved (wonderfully!). I am so glad I found this service before using anything else. I am so happy with it and glad I do not have to traumatize my cats with a new place with us being gone for long periods. Great people and great service!

Katherine Owings

My manager recommended Happy Paws to me for my dog Lucca and I couldn't be happier. All of the dog walkers seem to really love my dog. When we see them out in the community he runs to them and gets so happy. That's a wonderful feeling for me as a dog owner. I can't thank the Happy Paws staff enough!

Shiona Thompson

Our entire experience with the team at Happy Paws has been wonderful. Our needs surfaced early in the year due to a puppy addition. The Happy Paws pet sitters, Wil and Christina, have been dependable, prompt,conscientious and most importantly our 2 pups have loved them! Duke and Sammy look forward to their visits, walks and play time and we look forward to the sitters clever and informative notes on the table when we arrive home. Thank you for the peace of mind you allow us to have.

Grace Green

I have been using Happy Paws for our puppy since June 2013 and I just love them. Mary is always quick to respond when I have a scheduling issue and handles situations professionally and promptly. I really feel like she cares about us and not just our pet. Terri, our walker is just amazing, and I feel so comfortable knowing that she is watching after our little lady during the day. They are both equally excited to see each other everyday, and I look forward to her updates. Our puppy has had some ongoing health issues since we got her and they have always taken good notes for our files and been very good about keeping to her restricted diets/routines. I can't say enough about Happy Paws, I knew from the second I received Mary's response to my inquiry about pricing that this company would take more time and effort with my pet than most dog walking companies.

Heather Pripstein

It took us several years to find a pet sitting service who we trusted with our cats-- but we finally did-- Happy Paws. Over the past 3 years, both Bonnie and Allison have attended to our cats with a truly caring attitude. Our skittish cat Possie even comes out from under the covers to receive their attention, and Tabby-- our cat with many allergies ---receives her medications from trusting hands. Lastly, there is Mary-- who always makes us feel that we can relax when we go away because she has selected excellent pet sitting staff. Sincere thanks to all of you.

Claudia Golenda

Our cat Boy is suffers from a renal disorder and requires small and frequent feedings of dietary wet food to prevent him from overeating and vomiting. We found ourselves in need of a pet sitter to watch Boy so we could go on our honeymoon and thankfully discovered the existence of Happy Paws Pet Sitting Service and Katie, Boy's sitter!

As much as we were concerned to have a sitter enter our home, we appreciated the concern Happy Paws has for the safety and well-being its employees. Happy Paws pays attention to details that we wouldn't have considered in leaving our pet in the care of a sitter. The interview process was comprehensive and gave us confidence that Happy Paws could handle any situation that could arise with our pet! The initial set up for sitting arrangements is designed to enable Happy Paws to deliver seamless customer service and we're so pleased to report that they did just that! At the initial interview, we met Katie who was prompt, smart, friendly, and professional. As we talked, Boy jumped in her lap and we knew he would be in good hands. She demonstrated her gracious nature even after Boy purposefully knocked over her water glass spilling water everywhere! Upon our return, we appreciated Katie's daily "report cards" for Boy, which included a check list of accomplished tasks (food/water replacement, litter box detail, and mail pickup) and a narrative of the time she spent with him during her twice daily standard Pet Sitting service. The fee for a week's worth of standard Pet Sitting was very reasonable. Now that we've found Katie and Happy Paws, we've become members of the Happy Paws Club so that Katie can provide daily Paws Express services for Boy during the work week. I wish we'd learned of this wonderful pet care service long ago when Boy first started having problems, but we're proud that he is the first kitty member of the Happy Paws Club!

Thank you Happy Paws for providing totally awesome pet sitting services! You are invaluable to us!

Jane & Tom McCormick

Happy Paws is the absolute best solution to my pet-sitting needs. I've tried boarding my cats at the vet and they are completely traumatized for a day after I pick them up. I've tried boarding them at a cat boarding place that had "kitty condos" which are basically a glorified cage. They came home miserable and with fleas!

So Happy Paws to the rescue! I am so fortunate to have found them and I am very pleased with Bonnie, the sitter who was assigned to me. She lives very close by so I am never worried about my kitties when I go on vacation. Happy Paws is very flexible and they have even been gracious enough to provide their services with very short notice.

The fees are very reasonable. They are exactly the same as the vet or the kennel charges. But my cats get to sleep in their own beds, use their own litter pans, eat & drink out of their own dishes and not have to experience the stress of the vet or kennel.

Sharon Malecki

This was the first time we used a pet sitting service and couldn't be happier that we did. Thanks to Paul's professionalism and thoroughness, we felt confident leaving our kitty "Minkles" in his care. Paul left detailed notes every day and even sent an email to reassure us that everything was a-okay. We will definitely be asking for him the next time, and every time, we need a sitter.

Paul & Jennifer Sherno
Silver Spring

Our dog, Missy has had the honor of being walked by our favorite dog walker ever, Katie! I think Missy is disappointed on the days I am home as oppose to at work when Katie comes to not only walk her, but play with her and love her. They have a special relationship that we are so fortunate to have for our very special, Missy. Katie has been great, Missy is a little high maitenance when it comes to her walks and attention, not loving everyone and everything she encounters on a walk and Katie has embraced her "special" behaviors when it comes to others. Missy takes a long time to usually trust someone new and Katie was loved from the start, something I have never seen with Missy. We love our Missy like a child and we are so lucky to have Katie to take care of her when we are at work!Thanks Katie, we appreciate all that you do for us and Missy!

Danielle D.
Gaithersburg, MD

Just wanted to say thanks to Happy Paws for getting us in touch with Katie. She has been outstanding. She's been available anytime we've neede her. The dogs love her and they even walk better for us since she's been around. Thanks again.

Jason and Kate Bodan
Clarksburg, MD

We can't thank Happy Paws enough for taking such wonderful care of our two dachshunds. From the moment that we inquired about their services, Happy Paws showed professionalism and thoroughness in capturing and conveying information. Paul was skilled and compassionate with "our old boys". He quickly understood their personalities and quirks, and made whatever adjustments were necessary to ensure that they felt safe and secure. He left detailed notes for each day and even emailed us with daily reports. When we returned home, we could see that our pups had been well taken care of and we swear the house was cleaner than when we left! Happy Paws really let us relax on our vacation, knowing that our home and pets were in good hands. You have become an indispensable part of all of our travel plans.

Bob and Arlene Brown
Burtonsville, MD

I just wanted to write a quick note to let Happy Paws know how pleased we were with Paul petsitting for us over the holiday weekend. Every sitter you have sent our way has been fantastic. Paul had to deal with a few more issues than we expected (ants, a cat deciding to use the bathroom somewhere other than the litter box, etc) and he handled everything wonderfully. We couldn't be happier with his work. The Happy Paws sitters continue to impress us time and time again.

Briana R
Derwood, MD

We have just moved from Georgia to MD 6 weeks ago, and due to family obligations we have already needed pet sitting twice! We have never used a sitter before, as we always had family to do it, but I think the cats were happier with Bonnie then them!! She leaves such nice notes to let us know what was going on, and we will be using this awesome company again soon!

Erin Knight
Germantown, MD

I left a gaggle of pets in Paul's hands for five days--an elderly dog and a rambunctious puppy, an elderly cat, and two feisty kittens. I'd never before used a pet sitting service in part because the old dog suffers from separation anxiety, so I was nervous. But he did such so marvelous job, I think he even checked on the well-being of our 10 hermit crabs! He played with the animals, took them on walks, kept them well fed judging by their good behavior when I got back, cleaned up after them (no small thing with the puppy's chewing), took copious notes on their activities, even watered my new plants and brought in the mail. I like his quiet reserve--he was wonderfully patient with my brood!

Mary Farrell
Silver Spring, MD

Just wanted to let you know we made it back home. Allison was fantastic and VERY accommodating on such short notice. She took really good care of the "girls". Thank you so much for fitting us in. Hopefully we'll have the opportunity to use HappyPaws in the future, it was a very pleasant experience. Thanks again!

Aimee Cochran
Germantown, MD

I just wanted to let Happy Paws know that we just got back in town. The kitties were happy to see us but not completely attention-starved which tells me that Gale paid lots of attention to them! The litter boxes and food areas are clean and that is just so nice to come home to. Gale did a wonderful job and left very detailed notes. She made sure Titan got his medicine and played with all of them every visit. It was wonderful not having to worry about the boys when we were having a relaxing vacation! We knew they were in very safe hands. I highly recommend Gale to anyone in need of a sitter, and we will be begging for her services next time we need a sitter for the cats! Thank you for the detailed and loving service and the peace of mind it provides.

Jillian Maclauchlan
Germantown, MD

We are very pleased with the services provided by Happy paws. From the long week-end to the two weeks long vacations, we get peace of mind knowing that our two little kitties are being taken care of by loving and caring persons. Instead of being put in a cage at a shelter, our cats get to stay at home comfortably. We can choose the number and dates of the visits (15 min, 30 min or 1h visits) over the duration of our vacation and we get to come back to great visit notes, scooped litter boxes and Happy Kitties. Thank you Happy Paws !!!

Stephanie Mounaud
Gaithersburg, MD

Happy Paws Pet Sitting Service makes it possible for me to go away from home and not worry constantly about my three kitties. I am so happy I found this company. Both Mary, the owner, and Christina, our sitter, are very professional and thorough. And the best thing is, I can tell they love animals and care about mine. I have had sitters previously from other companies who left food in the bowls the entire time we were gone and I came home to food splattered and crusted all over my kitchen floor. Since starting with Happy Paws, every time I return from a trip I come home to a house as clean as I left it. I also return to a daily note from Christina. It's lots of fun to read what she did with my kitties each day and interesting to hear how they interacted with her. All I can say is I am thankful I found Happy Paws ... and my cats probably are too!

Colleen Fishter
Germantown, MD

I want to let you know how happy I am with Bonnie and your service. I've gone away before (even for shorter periods) and had friends come in to feed and care for my cat, and I know how she's greeted me. She's been unhappy and in need of attention. I was so pleasantly surprised to find my baby calm and happy, with no signs of stress or anxiety when I returned - after 2 weeks away! Amazing, and such a relief to know that I can call on your service when I need you in the future. Please extend my thanks to Bonnie. Her daily notes were so comforting too, and she did a wonderful job taking care of my little Boo Boo.

Diane Kelley
Germantown, MD

I just wanted to thank you for sending Auntie Karen to care for my babies while I was away. She did a wonderful job. My Annie the cat was so well cared for, I think she misses Auntie Karen, and Flipper the Guinea Pig is happy, as well. I don't travel too much, but will definitely contact Happy Paws to care for my animals when I am away. Everything was perfect at my house. Thank you Mary, and please thank Karen for me as well./td>

Hannah Stachmus
Gaithersburg, MD

Bonnie is the best. I do not know how many times Bonnie has gone above and beyond the call of duty. Several times my dogs have pottied in areas where they should not have and Bonnie has scooped it up. She always makes sure my dogs have fresh water and TLC. Bonniw=Tender Loving Care.

Mike Campbell
Germantown, MD

I relocated to Germantown in 2007 and was very concerned about what kind of pet care I might arrange in this new locale for my two large and energetic dogs and three older cats. I found Happy Paws by internet searching and was intrigued by the range of services offered. Mary and the staff have been wonderful. For almost a year now, Bonnie has been the regular sitter for my dogs' mid-day Pet Express visit and I have been totally satisfied and exceptionally pleased. Bonnie is professional, highly reliable, and obviously very adoring of all my pets. Mary, Bonnie and all the staff have taken wonderful care of all my pet-sitting needs, including when I travel out of town. I highly recommend this service.

Denise Shaw
Germantown, MD

I was a bit skeptical when I switched dog walkers/pet sitters, but I cannot be any more pleased with our dog walker. She is attentative to the dogs, makes sure they don't overheat, lets me know if anything is bothering them during their walk, and leaves thorough notes. Everytime I come home, I go straight for the note to read my story for the day. I couldn't have asked for a better dog walker or dog walking service and would HIGHLY recommend HappyPaws to anyone who loves their dogs as much as I do.

Rajeev Divakar
Germantown, MD

My husband and I first used Happy Paws last December when we went away for a long weekend. I had contacted them about taking care of our cat Orka. I was soon called by our assigned pet sitter Karen. Karen came to our home before our trip and went over all of the details of Orka's care. Karen was wonderful and being able to meet her in person and speak with her about Orka gave me much reassurance in knowing that he would be well cared for while we were away. When we returned from our trip, I found detailed notes left by Karen that outlined her visits with Orka. I appreciated that extra information a lot. Because Orka is a very social cat, it was nice to know that Karen not only fed him and cleaned his litter, but also stayed with him a while. We will be going to the beach this summer and I have already made arrangements for Happy Paws to care for our cat Orka again. And I have specifically requested Karen. Thankfully, she was available! I am very grateful to Happy Paws and Karen for giving our cat such fine care and giving us peace of mind that he was in good hands. Thank you.

Andree Villiger
Darnestown, MD

We are so very pleased to have found Happy Paws and the good people who run the petsitting service....we are grateful for thr loving care provided to each of our cats (and even to us when we worry about one thing or another)...Karen has been the keeper of our "babies" and she is a wonderful auntie to them all..it is a joy to be able to trust people like Karen to have such empathy and caring...it was important for me to let everyone know how "happy" we have been in dealing with such fine examples of those who go above and beyond what is expected of them to be certain things go well in our absence...

Pamela Rich
Montgomery Village, MD

My wife and I use this service everytime we go out of town, and they are fantastic! Even when it is last minute, they somehow find a way to meet our needs. Our cats sure are lucky to get this kind of attention when we are away from home...sometimes I think they want us to leave so they can see the sitter again!

Kevin Hightower
Montgomery Village, MD

First of all I would like to start out by thanking the two people who made my 1st experience with a pet sitting company my best experience, Mary the owner, and John my sitter! They are the two of the most caring people you will ever meet. John my sitter went above and beyond by not only taking excellant care of my cat but also doing the little things he didn't have to like watering my flowers so my fiancee, now wife did not have to worry about them dying. He left detailed notes regarding his activities while he was there, (which he did not have to) which to me was above and beyond what I thought we would get!

I would like to highly recommend their services to anyone in need of pet care, whether it be a day, or weeks as mine was! I personally could not have asked for more and will definatly use there services the next time I am in need!

David Glanville
Germantown, MD

We could not be happier with Happy Paws. They are really great and my cat is so happy to have someone come and play with her while we are gone. They are very trustworthy and have great rates. We will continue to use them for as long as we live here. I would recommend them to anyone with a pet.

Laura Massa
Germantown , MD

Thank you, Happy Paws!! We didn't know what we were going to do when our former house/pet sitter moved away. Now with Happy Paws, we can truly enjoy our vacations knowing that our older 'baby' is being well loved while we are gone!!

Kathy Bruchey
Gaithersburg, MD

Where would we be without Happy Paws? When our Vet refused to board our dog because she had a series of seizures, we thought that we could never go on vacation again. That is when Happy Paws came to our rescue! They explained that pets feel much more secure when they are in their own space. For the last five years Happy Paws has provided us with a pet sitter / house sitter for our week long summer vacation, and our dog Kirsten has had no problems adapting to each new sitter. We still hate to leave her, but we rest easy knowing that she is left in very loving and responsible hands. Thank You Happy Paws!

Larry Klapper
Germantown, MD

My beagle, Charlie, has been a member of the Happy Paws Club for nearly six years. He and I couldn't be happier with the care he has received from his sitters -- and with the professionalism of Happy Paws management. A+. Five stars.

Greg Folkers
Chevy Chase, MD

I cannot express the sense of confidence that I have in the Happy Paws Pet Sitting Service. Having used their services for several months, I have been exceptionally pleased with the flexibility, professionalism, and ability of the service to provide care that is safe and reliable. I have two Boston Terriers, one of which I acquired recently. Gracie looks forward to the visits she has with our pet walker who comes to the house during the days while I am working. I am so very happy that I found this wonderful service!!

Aileen Pearce
Gaithersburg, MD

Carol was great - - she and Shereo really hit it off wonderfully! Thanks for all your assistance in creating a comfortable departure and return for me and my dog. I look forward to using your services again in the future.

Laurieann Duarte'
N. Bethesda, MD

Happy Paws Pet Service was the perfect solution for our pet sitting needs. My family was new to the area and temporarily living in an apartment, which was very unfamiliar for JD, my "son" and hound mix baby. Mary and her staff took care of us and bent over backwards to meet our changing needs. I knew that JD was in the very best hands. Britta and Krista are life savers. And special thanks to Krista for all her help and really making JD know he was safe and loved. Happy Paws is the Ultimate in top quality pet sitting service!

Lori Ermi
Germantown, MD

We use Happy Paws on a fairly regular basis while out of town on business, and when we are on vacation. We have had one good experience after another. Our sitter has taken such good care of our "babies" that I can always feel assured they are "safe" in her hands. Thanks!

Brenda Mueller
Germantown, MD

We have an older dog who doesn't get around very well any more, and needs to be walked while we are at work. Our sitter has been very reliable; she visits every day for a mid-day walk, and spends the rest of her visit time giving her the love and attention she needs. Our "baby" is 13 years old and doesn't do much playing these days, but she loves her sitter and really enjoys the time they spend together.

Bob Kuenzli
Bethesda, MD

My kitties love their sitter! They know they'll get petted, and fed, and loved. They're 18 years old now and need daily pills. It's good to know I have a sitter who has no problem making sure they get their medicine. I also know my children will be happy when I get home. Gretchen looks forward to being brushed every day. And Benny knows he'll get to drink from the bathtub faucet after he eats. And when I walk in the door after a trip I wonder if they've even missed me!

Karen Carp-Callistein
Rockville, MD

Using Happy Paws for a daily walk for our dog gives us peace of mind at work, knowing that our dog will not be uncomfortable waiting to "go out." We know that his daily visit breaks up his otherwise long, lonely day and he gets the exercise, play, mental stimulation, and love he needs to be happy and healthy. The price is right for knowing you are giving your dog a better quality of life! Our sitter loves our dog like one of her own, and gives him personalized love and attention. Our neighbors even tell us how nice our sitter is and how happy our dog is when he is out with her.

Jennifer Robertson
Rockville, MD

Bark, Happy Paws has been visiting me for almost a year now. (I wish my mom would get my sitter to come everyday. But she has spent too much money on that silly cat Hodge's eye recently. Really, he would have been just fine with one eye in my opinion.). Anyway, I have had other humans walk me during the day, but never one who spent as much time with me as my sitter from Happy Paws. And she even notices if I am not feeling well (did I mention I am 14...though you wouldn't know it by looking at me...see my picture under "Our Dogs" on this website...oh, all right, I was a FEW years younger in the photo...so, I was 13 years younger all right?") She has gone the extra mile when I haven't been feeling well and I have heard Mom mentioning to friends how pleased she has been with the care given by Happy Paws and how much happier I am when she comes home if my sitter has been to see me that day.

Katie Weir
Germantown, MD

Meow, I have been allowing Happy Paws to walk my dog, Katie, for almost a year. Having just read Katie's post, I must say the retched dog is most ungrateful. So fixing my eye cost $2000...I am worth every penny. Anyway, I just wanted to say that Happy Paws took very good care of me while I was recovering from 3 eye surgeries. (if you have ever tried to put ointment in a cat's eye you will appriciate what my sitter went through),even going so far as to call my vet when my human did not leave adequate instructions. You may see MY picture under "Our Cats" on this website. I am a little thinner now...it is beastly hard to eat in an Elizabethan collar. (By the way, Happy Paws, if you read this, you only caught me because I LET you catch me.) I can honestly say I like Happy Paws almost as much as I like my human. I allow Katie's sitter to pet me and make a fuss over me everytime she walks Katie. (Any cats reading this will have noticed that it makes humans feel SO special when one allows them to make a fuss over you.) Now Happy Paws, a little catnip would not be unappreciated for this very nice post. Cats NEVER do anything for free.

Hodge Weir
Germantown, MD

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