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I was working as the Director of Marketing, PR and Communications in a multi-billion dollar firm in Corporate America, when one day I just decided I wanted to do something more "fulfilling" with my life. Since I've always loved pets, and was never without them my entire life, I decided this was a good way to fulfill my desire. I ventured into the world of pet sitting and never looked back! I still love my work today, as much as I did back in 1999, but regret that I do not get to spend as much time with the furry critters as I used to. My duties are mostly in the office now, but I cherish those times when I get to cover for one of our pet sitters and go play with the babies!

I live in Germantown and am currently owned by a pair of feline sisters named "Boostie" and "Wiggles". Although I still miss our beautiful German Shepherd, "Maxx", these two little furballs keep us laughing with their antics, and cozy with their snuggles. Now that our 2 daughters are all grown up, we are "empty nesters". Of course, I'm a Grandma now, too! My Granddaughter is 9 years old and so much fun! When I'm not working, or spending time with my Daughters or Granddaughter, I'm out on my motorcycle with my husband. We both love to ride and we spend as much of our spare time as possible on 2 wheels, seeing the beautiful sights the world has to offer!

I am confident that our wonderful team of pet sitters is the BEST in this area; we all love what we do, and that comes across in our work. Operating Happy Paws has given me a sense of pride and satisfaction, knowing that we provide a wonderful service for residents of Montgomery County and their precious pets.

I look forward to chatting with you and meeting your beautiful pets some day.



Hello, everybody in Happy Paws land! My name is Krissi, and I've known Mary for almost 20 years, as her daughter was one of my best friends in high school. I originally joined the team in 2000 right after graduation, but sadly had to depart when my family moved to Hagerstown, taking me with them *grumble grumble*. After earning my Associates Degree, I worked many years in the healthcare fields (for both humans and animals). In October 2014, I found myself with the opportunity to leave the corporate world behind. Right around the time I had decided to do just that, Mary mentioned she was looking to expand the team at Happy Paws. I jumped on the opportunity like a hyper puppy on a tennis ball - even after more than a decade away from working for Happy Paws, it remained my favorite job by far. Mary welcomed me back to the team, and I've been in fur baby Heaven ever since!

As for me personally? Well, I primarily grew up here in Montgomery County, and returned in 2014 after living in Hagerstown since 2001. Since my return to the area, life has been a whirlwind - house buying, going back to school, wedding planning, getting a puppy of my very own - craziness abound I tell ya! Outside of pet sitting, I act and dragrace - there's a crazy combination for you. I've done background work for a few TV shows, and I've been cast in a few upcoming independent films. When I'm not wearing more makeup than should be legally allowed in front of a camera, my soon to be husband Jason and I enjoy going to the racetrack, toting our 1992 Camaro RS with us to tear down the track.

I see you caught the part about a puppy of my very own - good eye! Growing up, I mainly had cats, and carried this tradition into my adult life. However, my father in law is highly allergic to cats, so I had to re-home my kitties when Jason and I combined households. (They now live with my parents, where they are spoiled like crazy, and I still get visitation!) I missed having a pet to nurture and love, so we decided to get a puppy to round out our little family. In October 2014, we brought home a beautiful rescue puppy that we promptly named Maggie. She's an Australian cattle dog mix, and the light our our lives. We recently had to have her knees operated on to correct a genetic problem, but she's already bounced back and is taking life on one face lick at a time! (If you'd like, you can check her out in the "Our Pets" section of the page - she's just adorable, if my completely unbiased *ahem - cough -cough* opinion counts for anything. :)

Thank you so much for checking out Happy Paws - I look forward to the chance to take care of the furry members of your family!


Hi! My name is Rhona Sollod. I've been with Happy Paws since December 2010, but I've been a pet sitter forever. I made a lot of furry friends growing up. My family always had large dogs. My passion for animals began when I was four years old, with our first dog. This loving Dalmatian became my best buddy.

Cats came into my life by accident. A beautiful Maine Coon followed me home. New to kitties, I wasn't prepared for all the mutual love and devotion-he was my soulmate, and three more cats followed soon after. I now take care of a colony of ten cats and have been loving them for 16 years.

The best thing about pet sitting is bonding with so many wonderful cats and dogs. It's an honor to take care of them and I look forward to meeting your fur babies.


Hi, my name is Victoria Kaas. I joined Mary and the Happy Paws team several years ago after retiring from a Fortune 500 company as an IT specialist. I volunteered with an area animal rescue organization and have had dogs and cats most of my life. I'm currently owned by four cats. I specialize in providing cat care and I have never met a cat that I can't pill.

I'm pleased to belong to such a unique group of people who are such animal lovers as I've met at Happy Paws.


Hello! I am Allison Grimes, and I was born and raised in Illinois, always blessed to have pets to love and nurture. Having been brought up with animals has definitely made me a more compassionate and understanding person. Being able to spend time with my furry friends isn't just a job to me, but my passion. Each and every pet I look after, I try to treat as if they were my own baby. Besides being a full time mommy, I enjoy playing poker, mountain climbing, canoeing, and just being outdoors. When I have free time, I like to hike the paths in Black Hills, and you can find me out there anytime of year. Working for Happy Paws, I get the opportunity to make so many diffrerent and beautiful critter friends, and that makes me so super happy. Wagging tails and purring motors are what I live for!

I have been married for nearly five years to my hero, Steve, an awesome, multi-talented carpenter. After begging Steve on a daily basis for the last few years, he finally gave in and agreed to adopt a lil yellow lab puppy girl and since that day, I have not stopped giggling with glee! I am the proud momma of a fearsome four year old son, and an angelic sweet pea two year old daughter, who are my life. Being able to teach my children to respect and treat all creatures with kindness, by act of example, is a privillege. They enjoy hearing about what pets I got to look after, and what we did on our visits. I enjoy getting time away from my hectic life as a mom, by petsitting. It relieves the day-to-day stresses of life when you interact with animals, and it always brings a smile to my face. Not to mention they don't talk back! Your pets are as important to you as your kids, and finding adequate child care can be challenging. Finding the right care for your pet can be even more difficult. Knowing that your pet and home are being looked after is peace of mind that is hard to put a price on. The entire staff at Happy Paws are dedicated to providing the best possible care for your pets. I would entrust any one of the staff to care for my pet while I was away, and that is a compliment to my co-workers, as I can be quite finicky when it comes to placing my babies in the care of others.


Hello! I have been a happy client of Happy Paws since 2001, so much that I decided to join the team in 2009. As a client I've always felt 100% secure knowing they were in charge while I went away, and now I also have the pleasure of "paying it forward"! I've had cats my entire life, and dogs off and on. My current menagerie includes Gus, a chatty and extremely smart 16-year old cat that fears nothing and loves to get under the sheets when the bed is being made. We also have Monty, a 9 y.o. fraidy-cat who enjoys belly rubs, drinking water off his paw, and carrying toys around in his mouth for a solo game of fetch. Our dogs include Cody, an 18 month old Viszla hound mix rescue from New Orleans who can eat an "indestructible" toy in 5 minutes and loves to fetch sticks, and Teddy, a 3 y.o. big-headed pit mix rescue sweetheart from Raleigh that shadows us everywhere without a sound, just wanting to be loved.

Some other background about me: I'm married, have two beautiful daughters and am originally from the DC area. I enjoy photography, gardening, marathons, and traveling whenever possible. When I'm not taking care of animals, I work with the military to reduce combat PTSD.

In short, I love animals as do all the great folks at Happy Paws, and I know firsthand the stellar care and attention they give to every pet!


Hi, my name is Helene Delizo. I met Mary thru a mutual friend and have been with Happy Paws since July 2014. Since I've been working at Happy Paws I met some amazing pets.

I have a cool cat named Freebie who is 19 years old, does not look his age, and loves to drink water from the faucet. His companion, Felix, is a Tonkinese who is a bit shy but very lovable. I also have three dogs that I rescued from the Miniature Pincher rescue. Rusty is a very sweet guy, who loves to cuddle - he is a lap dog. Dynamite is a minpin/chihuahua mix and she is full of energy and loves to entertain you, dancing for treats. Jasmine is always curious and loves to sleep on pillows.

Even though I have my own pets I truly enjoy taking care of other people's pets. I look forward to meeting you and being given the opportunity to meet your furry friends.


Hi! My name is Sarah and I have been with Happy Paws since November 2015. I've lived in Maryland my whole life and love to frequent the eastern shore during the summer. I am lucky enough to be called mommy and wife by my amazing and supportive family. For now, I hold the title of "stay at home mom" but I wouldn't have it any other way!

Over the years, I've been privileged to be owned by many amazing fur babies. My family is currently owned by a sassy, energetic, and loving cat that my daughter named "Cakes". She follows all of us around and loves to sleep on my head, buried in my hair! We have also had the honor of loving a few dogs, and though they've passed, we think of them everyday! I'm sure my daughter will win the "I NEED a puppy!" battle sooner or later. :)

I truly love all animals and consider caring for them a great privilege. Since I've started working at Happy Paws, I've met some amazing and adorable fur babies! I hope I'm able to meet yours soon!


My name is Amy Horwitz. I'm Mary's step daughter. All growing up, we've always had pets in our home and I've naturally learned to love others as if they were my own. I have a Beagle named Bailey whom I rescued, and it turns out she's actually the one who rescued me.

In my spare time when I'm not working, I enjoy bowling, going camping, hiking, to Orioles baseball games and spending as much time with my fur baby as possible. Since being a part of Happy Paws, I've met so many amazing pets throughout the years and look forward to meeting many more, including yours! .


Hello, my name is Arria and I love all kinds of pets! I, myself, have had an American Eskimo for 12 years, and growing up with her I've learned how to properly treat and handle dogs. I have also volunteered for Lucky Dog Animal Rescue in the past. I love cats, as well, and they seem to be very drawn to me. I enjoy spending time with all animals, and look forward to taking care of yours. When you're with us, you know you'll always be in good paws.


Hi my name is Keshia, and I joined Happy Paws in January 2019. I love being with Happy Paws and meeting all my new furry friends. I moved to Maryland from Richmond, Virginia in 2017. I have always loved pets, growing up I always had a dog or a cat. Even now, I enjoy going to visit family members just to play with their baby Pit Bull. Before joining the Happy Paws family I owned my own Daycare in Richmond, and then became a stay-at-home Mom after I moved here. In my spare time, I enjoy working out, playing with my kids and just helping others out. Since I have been a part of Happy Paws, I have met a lot of amazing pets, and am looking forward to meeting many more, including yours.


My name is Catherine and I have been with Happy Paws since May 2018. I have two dogs, a Pit Bull named Bella and Lab named Cody, along with two cats, Jeffrey and Nala. My husband and I have been married for 23 years and we have three kids. With our youngest headed off to WVU in the Fall, I was looking for something to fill in the gaps. I have always loved animals and what better way is there to cure that empty nester feeling than to take care of them.

In my spare time I enjoy hiking, travelling and attending various sporting events. My lab and I walk quite a few miles each day, as long as the weather permits. My Bully prefers long rides in the open Jeep so she can soak up all the attention. (She’s the diva) I look forward to spending many adventurous days with your fur babies.